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  MoTechno - competence in SmartCards and JavaCard software projects

MoTechno - The SmartCard center worldwide active in specific projects and deployments of JavaCards, other processor cards including design and roll out of complete life-cycle-managment systems. Besides consulting, project-management and development of critical components we carry the diverse smart-card-products, the most recent versions of Java-Cards plus some of the more difficult-to-get silicons, sometimes urgently needed in existing roll-outs: RFID writer and reader and ISO7816 contact card reader and available as product and within ID-card projects.


SLE 4442 Memory Cardab 0.59€
SLE 4428 Memory Cardab 0.89€
MIFARE® classic 1kab 0.93€
JCOP21 80K (J2A080)ab 2.99€
MIFARE® classic 4kab 3.95€
CardOS V4.4ab 5.95€
CardOS V5.0ab 5.95€
JCOP DI 80K (J3A081)ab 5.99€
CardOS API V5.2ab 6.95€
ACOS1 SmartCardab 7.95€
ACOS5 SmartCardab 7.95€
CardOS V4.3 B 32kab 9.95€
JCOP31 DI 80K (J3A080)ab 9.99€
JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic, Dual Interfaceab 11.99€
ACR 38ab 15.95€
CardMan® 3021 USBab 17.95€
CardMan® 3121 USBab 18.95€
ACT 38ab 19.99€
CardMan® 6121 USBab 19.99€
JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic, 144KBab 19.99€
CardMan® 3111ab 27.95€
JCOP41 V2.2.1 72Kab 29.95€
CardMan® 3921 USBab 38.95€
ACF 30ab 39.95€
ACR 38U-CCIDab 39.95€
ACR 38-SAMab 39.95€
ACR 30ab 39.99€
CardMan® Trust 3621ab 41.99€
CardMan® 5321 RFIDab 56.18€
CardMan® 4040 PCMCIAab 59.95€
ACR122Uab 59.99€
ACR 30-SAM-SMCab 62.65€
CardMan® Trust 3821ab 69.95€
ACR 38 SDKab 119.95€
8751 e-Health LANab 333.95€
JavaCard 3.0.1 SDKab 485.95€

Smart Cards (CardOS, Javacard 3.0)

  Card Reader / Writer

  Card Printer / Service

  Module & Chips


  • JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic as brand-new version of J3A081/JCOP31 by NXP, always in stock and available for small and large roll-outs. The (discontinued) JCOP41 will be still available from us, based on projects for standard projects the JCOP based JavaCard 3.0 made by NXP is advised. JCOP TOOLS: As part of our consulting service - process the proper way to arrange the latest JCOP-tools for you - if needed for your own Java Card Applet and Software Development.
  • Try the CardOS-product-family stands for all LACS (logical access control) cases: silicons with the versions CardOS 4.4, CardOS 4.3B are always in stock - optional together with the csp, PKCS#11 Software CardOS API. Ask for ATOS new CardOS 5.0 now. Do you want to develop your own applications for CardOS chips? Feel free to aks for the Application-Development-Kit - we might be able to arrange the needed NDA with the manufacturer
  • Manage credentials of Windows-users with HID / Omnkey SmartCards: Ask for the SmartCard-Software-solution naviGO(tm) to manage access to your precious IT-infrastructure with HID / Omnkey / Logon Software and Hardware.
  • "Microsoft Partner" MoTechno Remote Computing leads to Strong Authentication  for Terminal Server Sessions and "Thin Clients". Ask for a Demo.
  • SmartCard Solutions under Linux and other OS can be delivered as project. MoTechno supports independent OS with full competence e.g. the CardOS API and Readers by Omnikey are available as well for Linux and Mac OS.
  • As long-term market-player we carry as well discontinued Hardware as e.g .ACR80, ACF30 but also the popular NFC-Reader ACR122 (RFID writer) and the broadly used ACR30 are items always in stock.
  • For RFID - Application and development : obtain the most suitable bundle for your dedicated purpose.
  • Development of Smart-Card-Solutions according to clients requirements: MoTechno moves new challenges and ideas.


Our know-how and product-line enables you to secure your computer system, your information management and to improve your business processes. Our knowledge of the Smart-card-industry's most important projects qualifies us as preferred partner during the initial stage of Smart-Card-projects. Working with the consulting-arms of large card-manufacturers ensures that Smart-Card-projects of our customers remain slim in the terms of cost structure and are successfully carried out: we advise you. Free of charge brainstorming. We carry out. Financially and technically adaptable. Together with well-known SmartCard-manufacturers and important software companies. Our methodology leads also your Smart-Card-projects to success.