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ACOS1 SmartCard
ACOS1 SmartCard

Unsere preiswerte "Hauskarte"  ACOS1 wurde speziell für Bank-Transaktions-Applikationen entwickelt, bei denen höchste Sicherheit eine entscheidende Rolle spielt. Eine echte Prozessorkarte, für viele Anwendungen, bei denen es auf Sicherheit ankommt und die dennoch überraschend günstig ist.  8k EEPROM.  Auch als SIM-Karte erhältlich. 

Order Information

Produkt Nummer: 2.1.0.AC.01
Einzelpreis: 9,95 €
Ab 10 Stück: 8,95 €
Ab 100 Stück: 7,95 €
3 Monate

Package of 100 pcs. availible at lowest price in the market. Email us your price-quote-request!



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Product Information

ACOS1 is specifically designed for highly secure payment applications. With this high security feature, ACOS1 is particularly suitable for applications such as network access control, electronic purse and multitude of other applications that stress high security.

ACOS1 is known among smart card system developers that it is secure but is easy to use. The design is often said to be 'secure and elegant'.

Standard Features

ACOS1 Security Features: 

Digital Encryption Standard (DES) -- Ciphering is used in this mode of protection, which is like translating the information into some unknown foreign language, so the stored information can be transmitted confidentially. Simple DES or Triple DES versions are both available. 

Message Authentication Capability (MAC) -- This is based on the exchange and mutual verification of secret passwords [keys] between the card and the card-accepting device. The whole verification process is done within the device and information is never transmitted outside during the process, making eavesdropping virtually impossible. 

Enforced Message Authentication with random numbers and dedicated key pair. 

Continuous system integrity checks guarding against attempted security breaches. 

Five secret codes + Issuer Code + Pin to selectively enable access to data stored in card and to features and functions provided by the card e.g. the READ and WRITE commands. 

Account Transaction Processing (ATP) provides dedicated data structure for payment applications with CREDIT, DEBIT, INQUIRE ACCOUNT commands for secure transaction processing. 



Other Features 

Compliant with ISO 7816-1/2/3 

Issuer definable file structure for convenient and efficient memory management. 

Users can choose single DES or triple DES for encryption algorithm.