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  Cardreader / Writer overview


user-friendly, display, to handle easy the data on the card... 


Only the fully-featured biometric identification allows you to use the cardreader. So the Biometric articles assure maximum of security. 

Build In

Prepare your PC with a SmartCard reader. High quality 3,5" floppy-bay reader are the solution which keeps the users desk empty.  


Our handheld-products are very suitable for buisness people who spend most of their time on external work simply because the products work autarkic. So you don't need any external power. 

Serial/USB ACR30, ACT38 ...

MoTechnos competitive selection of PC-linked PC/SC SmartCard-Reader/Writer, conform to ISO 7816. Products availible with USB /serial connection, Keyborads with build in Reader/Writer or with PIN-Pad/display. 


Selection of full-metal PCMCIA-Reader/Writer for easy integration of SmartCard-applications into Laptops.  

RFID - Reader

RFID - Reader and Writer for all major RFID-cards and
-token. Available with USB- or serial interface.

Mobile Reader

Mobile Readers and Writers for mobile usage, battery-powered with internal memory. Ready for integration in loyalty and payment projects. 


LAN connected Smart Card Terminal with multiple Interfaces for next-generation Applications 

ACR 38ab 15.95€
Omnikey (CardMan®) 3121 USBab 18.95€
ACT 38ab 19.99€
CardMan® 6121 USBab 19.99€
ACK 30ab 37.95€
ACR 91ab 39.95€
ACR 30ab 39.99€
CardMan® Trust 3621ab 41.99€
CardMan® 3111ab 42.99€
ACF 30U-MBSab 44.95€
CardMan® 3921 USBab 48.95€
LT 4000 PCMCIAab 49.95€
CardMan® 5321 RFIDab 56.18€
CardMan® 4040 PCMCIAab 59.95€
ACR 30-SAM-SMCab 62.65€
ACR 20ab 68.95€
ACF 30ab 69.95€
ACR 120 Contactless Readerab 86.95€
AET 60 BioCARDKeyab 99.95€
ACR 80ab 108.95€
ACR 88ab 109.95€
ADT 60 Bio SIMKeyab 145.95€
ACP 30ab 159.95€
AET 63 BioTRUSTKeyab 169.95€
CardMan® Trust FINREADab 199.95€
ACR 50ab 285.95€
8751 e-Health LANab 549.95€