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  CardOS V 4.4 68K

CardOS V4.4 is a multifunctional card operating system which meets strict security requirements. CardOS V4.4 is compatible with international smart card standards. It can hence be easily used in standardized environments and applications. It offers active and passive protection for stored data, certificates and cryptographic keys.

Order Information

Product Number: 2.1.0.AT.V4.4
Price per unit: 29.95 US $
21.95 £
26,95 €
1000 units and more: 18.64 US $
13.56 £
16,95 €
3 months

DISCONTINUED module :: Hurry up :: ONLY few thousand left for your order.



higher volumes up on request
CardOS V4.4 Alle Preise sind Netto-Preise. Verkauf nur an gewerbliche Abnehmer. Ask for project-pricing.

Product Information

CardOS V4.4 offers the following general features:


ISO/IEC 7816 compatible commands


“Command chaining” in accordance with ISO/IEC 7816-4, for example for implementing multi-stage processes or for the transmission of a related data stream that is too large for the data field of an individual command


A dynamic, flexible file system based on ISO/IEC 7816-4 with the following characteristics:


Number of files and folders with any depth of nesting limited only by the storage capacity of the chip


Short File IDs


Dynamic memory management for optimal utilization of the available EEPROM


Protection mechanisms against EEPROM defects and power failure


Support of CV (card verifiable) certificates


Extraction and use of the public key directly from the certificate


Verification of certificates and certificate chains


Standards interface for external public key certificate services using the separately available CardOS API Cryptography Interface (Microsoft CSP / Base CSP & PKCS#11)


Compatibility with the most important international standards provides long-term security for integration in standardized environments (readers, applications, etc.)


Expandability of the operating system with the subsequent addition of software packages, ensuring protection of your investment


Automatic integrity protection of all active software packages on the chip prevents the use of corrupt software


Cryptographic Functions




CardOS V4.4 provides a large number of cryptographic functions and algorithms, such as


Creation and verification of digital signatures


Encryption and decryption


Creation/verification of MACs


Calculation of cryptographic hash values (SHA-1)


SHA-2 package


Fast symmetric algorithms due to the hardware DES accelerator o Triple DES (CBC) and DES (ECB, CBC) with ISO padding o MAC and retail MAC with ISO or ANSI padding


Asymmetric algorithms


Up to 2048 bit RSA based on the CRT with and without a specified public exponent


PKCS#1-BT1, PKCS#1-BT2 or leading zeroes padding


Internal and external key generation


Flexible derivation of session keys


The PROOF OF CORRESPONDENCE command enables checking the association of an RSA public key in the command data field with a private key on the chip


General Integrity Protection for Responses (GIPR) for high security applications: Secure messaging with integrity protection of the command response regardless of whether the response data field is empty


True random number generator

Standard Features

Hardware Platform 

CardOS V4.4 is available with the 

SLE66CX680PE hardware platform (chip) from 

Infineon as wafer, module (M5.1), ID-1 or ID-000 

card and as DSO-8 package.