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MIFARE PROX, Philips’ high-security, high performance dual interface IC solution, sits at the high-end of the portfolio opening up new opportunities for creating a person’s mobility card.

Featuring industry standard open protocols on... see More

Order Information

Product Number: 2.2.0.PH.ProX
Price per unit: 32.95 US $
23.95 £
29,95 €
10 units and more: 25.95 US $
18.95 £
22,95 €
100 units and more: 17.54 US $
12.76 £
15,95 €
1000 units and more: 13.14 US $
9.56 £
11,95 €
3 months
higher volumes up on request
MIFARE ProX Alle Preise sind Netto-Preise. Verkauf nur an gewerbliche Abnehmer. Ask for project-pricing.

Product Information

Its contactless interface is fully in line with ISO 14443A, the standard for contactless smart cards, and delivers fast transaction times, maximizing passenger throughput, and provides the same high level of security as the contact interface, enabling high-security contactless applications. Its contact interface enables secure financial transactions within the existing installed infrastructure of ATMs and POS terminals around the world.

Standard Features

  • Enhanced ultra low power 80C51CPU, operates in contact and contactless mode
  • High speed DPA resistant DES / DES3 engine

    • Triple-DES calculation time (incl. key load) <35 ms
    • Single-DES calculation time (incl. key load) <25 ms
  • Memory Management Unit (MMU) allows:

    • secure separation of multi applications
    • memory mapping up to 1MByte Code memory
    • extended memory addressing system (XMA) for fast memory access and data transfer
  • ISO/IEC 7816 UART supporting standard protocols T=0 and T=1 as well as high speed personalisation at 1Mbit/s
  • Contact configuration and serial interface according to ISO/IEC 7816: GND, VCC, CLK, RST, IO1
  • Contactless RF interface according to ISO/IEC14443-2

    • 13.56 MHz operating frequency
    • Reliable communication due to 100% ASK
    • High speed (106/212/424 kbit/s, efficient frame support)
  • Contactless Interface Unit (CIU) supporting the T=CL protocol according to ISO/IEC14443-4 including high speed option (212/424 kbit/s)
  • optional free of charge MIFARE® functionality
  • MIFARE reader infrastructure compatibility