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Java Card is a modified version of Java which runs as OS on dedicated high-end smart cards: "JavaCard". 

CardOS Cards & Components

CardOS: flexible multifunctional native smart card operating system. Did you know, that CardOS was one of the first card operating system, which has been certified to the highest IT-security levels? This tradition is kept until today with delivery of... 

Card Reader / Writer

MoTechnos competitive selection of PC-linked and standalone PC/SC SmartCard-Reader/Writer, RFID-Reader. Products available with USB /serial / PCMCIA connection, Keyboards with build in Reader/Writer or with PIN-Pad/display.

Smart Cards

Selection of most popular SmartCards, RFID-Token, Memory Cards and high- end SmartCard Components. 

Smart Card Token

The all-inclusive USB-dongle to secure your workstation contains a SmartCard-chip and software.  


Packages of Software-Hardware-combinations are available under the MoTechno StarterKit selection. These StarterKits come with a preformatted smartcard, suitable software and a reader plus a MoTechno StarterGuide. 

Biometric Components

Find a broad selection of high-end biometric security products: Fingerprint secured logon-systems, smardcard-reader with fingerprint-sensor, software and SDK's, biometric-protected memory sticks. 


Overviewing SmartCard Solution Offers for IT-Security, Loyalty, Payment, GSM. 

Development Kits (SDK)

First Steps entering the Realm of SmartCards for our System-Integrator Customers: The MoTechno Software Development Kits. 

Module & Chips

Module & Chips - Basic Hardware Components offered to design SmartCard Reader and similar Products. 

Card Printer / Service

Card Printer / service - Individual Card-Printer and Personalization Stations. Lamination of holographic overlay, Printing Services for ID-Cards and SmartCards. 

Card Accessories

Card Accessories - Try our full assortment of accessories, to hold, carry, protect and handle your SmartCard. 

Partner Products

"MoTechno Select" Products from our favorite manufacturers.  

SLE 4442 Memory Cardab 0.59€
SLE 4428 Memory Cardab 0.89€
MIFARE® classic 1kab 0.93€
MIFARE® classic 4kab 3.95€
CardOS V5.0ab 6.95€
ACOS1 SmartCardab 7.95€
ACOS5 SmartCardab 7.95€
JCOP21 80K (J2A080)ab 8.99€
JCOP31 DI 80K (J3A080)ab 9.99€
CardOS API V5.2ab 11.95€
JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic, Dual Interfaceab 11.99€
ACR 38ab 15.95€
JCOP DI 80K (J3A081)ab 15.99€
CardOS V4.4ab 16.95€
CardMan® 3021 USBab 17.95€
Omnikey (CardMan®) 3121 USBab 18.95€
JCOP41 V2.2.1 72Kab 19.95€
ACT 38ab 19.99€
CardMan® 6121 USBab 19.99€
JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic, 144KBab 19.99€
CardOS V4.3 B 32kab 22.95€
ACR 38U-CCIDab 39.95€
ACR 38-SAMab 39.95€
ACR 30ab 39.99€
CardMan® Trust 3621ab 41.99€
CardMan® 3111ab 42.99€
CardMan® 3921 USBab 48.95€
CardMan® 5321 RFIDab 56.18€
CardMan® 4040 PCMCIAab 59.95€
ACR122Uab 59.99€
ACR 30-SAM-SMCab 62.65€
ACF 30ab 69.95€
ACR 38 SDKab 119.95€
8751 e-Health LANab 549.95€
JavaCard 3.0.1 SDKab 999.95€