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  Smart Cards

Processorcards (contact)

Processorcards (also generally referred as "smart cards") offer more memory and highest security of data compared with a traditional mag stripe card. SmartCards contain a "CPU" and can process data on the card. Current SmartCards include an eight-bi... 


Java Card is a modified version of Java which runs as OS on dedicated high-end smart cards: "JavaCard". 

Memory Cards (contact)

Memory cards can hold up to 4 KB of data, but have no processor onboard the card to manipulate that data. Together with the card reader, data are processed outside the card: the memory cards are restriced to a fixed operation only.  

RFID - Cards (contactless)

RFID - Radio Frequency IDentification is a way of storing information on a small tag that communicates via radio frequency. RFID-Cards contain a small computer chip with a miniature antenna. 

PVC-Cards Printed 4/4

Every Color is possilbe 

PVC-Card blank 4/4

Chipcard white 0,76mm standard

4-times laminate