JavaCard 2.2.2 Contact (J2A081)

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J2A081 JCOP v2.4.1 R3, JavaCard 2.2.2, GlobalPlatform 2.1.1

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The J2A081 – JCOP v2.4.1 R3, JavaCard 2.2.2, GlobalPlatform 2.1.1 as successor of the traditional JCOP21 and J2A080 is the contact-interface edition of NXP JCOP implementation. This high level, but low priced product is targeted to innovative smartcard-applications at the intersection of the payment, ID, loyalty and eHealth markets. The (traditional named) JCOP21 is available 80kB EEPROM chips. For even more price-sensitive projects ask for the JCOP-edition with 40kB EEPROM. For the more challenging application we could make a 144kB-version available. All models manufactured with full credit-card from-factor or as SIM-card (ID-000), optional Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM (4FF) and / or color-printed. Ask for technical details.