MoTechno is a SmartCard enterprise mainly active in Europe. As security has always been the prime concern since the earliest application of the processor cards, we at MoTechno are eager to deliver SmartCard solutions in highest quality and in order to comply with the high requirements of the financial service industry and the safety requirements of the TelCos and network operators. Our know-how and productline enables you to secure your computer sytem, your information management and to improve your business processes. Our knowledge of the SmartCard-industry’s most important projects qualifies us as preferred partner during the initial stage of SmartCard-projects. Working with the consulting-arms of large card-manufacturers ensures that smartcard-projects of our customers remain slim in the terms of cost structure and are successfully carried out.

IT Security? Network Identification?

Identify users with certainty before they are allowed to access precious information. Secure your laptop with a cryptographic processor SmartCard and PCMCIA SmartCard-readers. Or let your employees log-on on their PC in a secure and simple way with a SmartCard .

Electronic signature as complied with passed legislation in most industrialized countries, recognizing the legitimacy of electronic signatures. If you use our product solution for the signature-law-convergent advanced digital signature with SmartCard and card reader, no more contracts or offers by post office dispatch. A SmartCard linked to the Trustcenter makes it possible.

Product solutions for mobile telecommunication enterprises and mobile-phone outlets. Solutions for banks and e-commerce: from our own solution of an pursue-card over Europay visa Mastercard (EMV) card reader certified, up to the complete Identrus offer of our powerful partners: Surely also your project can profit by us.

Enterprise solutions of the cafeteria-card as pursue-card up to the entrance system. Ask us. We sell various PC/SC readers. For example, the worldwide first single chip USB reader certified by EMV. Or the world-wide smallest finger print scanner and SmartCard reader in only finger-large equipment. We offer high-quality modules and chips for the production of SmartCard readers to hardware manufacturers.We look forward to your inquiries and purchase orders for the range of readers.

Our competence area are SmartCards.
We discuss with you. We run SmartCard-Projects. Financially and technically scalable. Together with well-known SmartCard manufacturers and important software companies. Our methodology leads your SmartCard-projects to success.