Competence in SmartCards and JavaCard software projects

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JavaCard 3.0.4 (e.g. J3H145), JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic (e.g. J3D081) as new versions of J3A081/JCOP31 by NXP, always in stock and available for small and large roll-outs. The (discontinued) JCOP41 or other discontinued cards might be still available from us – limited to special projects. Development and deployment support for JavaCard 3.0.4, JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic: obtain tips and hints for your applet development project based on our next generation JavaCard offer. Try the CardOS-product-family for all LACS (logical access control) cases: modules with versions such as CardOS 5.3 or CardOS 4.3B are always in stock – optional together with the CSP (cryptographic service provider), PKCS#11 Software CardOS API.