MoTechno Consulting Services – MCS – is your competent partner in all questions of the modern smart card and IT-Security. Our service range covers the evaluation of the business- and technical requirements as well as the development of the technical conception and roll-out of your project.


Project management on the following application areas:

  • Authentication: entrance control solutions, documents of identification…
  • eGovernment: digital signature, TrustCenter-Projects…
  • Commerce: loyalty cards, payment solutions…
  • Logistics: Scanning and tracking of moved objects…
  • Internet: digital signature, secured websites …
  • Telecommunications: SIM card-solutions…
  • Financial services: EMV-migration, Internetbanking..
  • Health service: health professional cards …


As mediators between manufacturers and customers we cover additionally the legal contract coordination and simplify and secure with it the contract management.





Smart cards are more economically and more flexibly applicable than conventional closing systems.


Operational areas:

  • Control of space and/or building entrances
  • Access only at certain times of day.
  • Temporal and personal recording of the use.
  • Also as combination to the entrance safety device to computer systems applicable.

We advise you gladly with the conception of your map solution.


Biometric solutions of identification for the data security conformal storage of biometric characteristics. For the entry in the USA and the European union such a system is to be introduced time near. We accompany and advise you in the early phase of such projects.




  • Improvement of IT security of transactions using technology of digital signature.
  • Consulting of TrustCenter with respect ofkey- and certificate management (Public key Infrastructure)




Business consulting on loyalty cards and customer loyalty systems with payment services, loyalty discount programs or application of loyalty bonus plans. Business and technological consulting for internet payment and  loyalty programs based on ISO7816-complient Smartcards and/or RFID cards.




Feasibility studies and concept elaboration for the transport control and identity tracking of mobile units in logistics enterprises using cutting edge RFID technology.




Consulting for:

  • Secure logon and authentification in the WWW
  • to protect digital assets, documents and forms with smartcards.
  • Consulting for projects involving internet payment and customer loyalty based on ISO7816-Smartcards.




SIM stands for Subscriber Identity of modules. The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card serves for the identification of user in the telephone network.


Consultig customers of SIM card projects during the early phase. Selection, production and adjustment of a suitable SIM-card middleware.


Finance Service Industries


Support during the challanging migration of magnetic strip cards on smart cards (EMV migration). Consulting during EMV migration and implementation into the existing banking infrastructure.


Consulting services during the introduction and Personalisierung of EMV complient banking cards specifically through:

  • feasibility studies
  • implementation into existing systems
  • card issuing and
  • contract management.


Health service


Smartcard technology: unleashing substantial saving potentials in health care administration and billing. Whether on ePrescription, eDoctorsLetter or Health Professional Card, we are your competent partner in the early phase of your smartcard project.


Our consulting services cover:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Implementation into existing management systems
  • Roll-out and product introduction
  • Contract management