Contactless Java Card ™

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Specify your Java-Card, tell us the size of EEPROM needed (in kB or even MB), your need of Crypto-CoProzessor or not, define the necessary interface (contact only, RFID or both – dual interface and/or USB). Define the needed form-factor: SIM-size (ID-000) full credit card size (ID-1), direct USB-interface. Tell us about the most requested version of JavaCard OS and/or GlobalPlatform, security needs and certifications – e.g. common criteria. We might be able to present you a product tailored to your project. OR feel free to specify a silicon / manufacturer / product number if needed for existing or new project and specify your PRICE-GOAL and/or needed lead-time.

JavaCards, which fulfil all the requirements of modern Java Card™ based single- or multiapplication smart card solutions can optionally use for pre-loading applets into the ROM mask. This Java Card offers you an easy use of debit or credit applications, for token-based access (One-Time Passwort Generation), for Loyalty and for Public Key Infrastructures.

Develop your own tailor-made application or let it developed from MoTechno. Because of the HW independent standard of Java, this applications are adaptable to future technical developments.

You are looking for a specific JavaCard (36, 40, 80, 144 KB): JCOP 2.3.1 (JCOP 41, JCOP 31, JCOP 21, JCOP 10), JCOP 2.3.2 (JCOP 31, JCOP 21, JCOP 10), JCOP 2.4.1 (JCOP J2, JCOP J3), JCOP 2.4.2 (JCOP J3), KEBT KONA 132 Java (36K), jTOP ? send us an eMail.