Java Card 3.0.x SDK

Java Card refers to a smartcard operating system that allows Java-based applets to be run securely on smart cards. The JCOP Java Card implementation on smart cards relies on GlobalPlatform specifications for the secure management of applets on the card (download, installation, personalization, deletion of card applications).

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The “JavaCard 3.0.x SDK” includes a selection of:

  • ==> 2 units PC/SC-compatible USB-Reader/Writer
  • ==> 8 units of the JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic (JCOP J3D081)
  • ==> 2 hours administrative support/consulting to provide the client with the JavaCard plug-in for Eclipse and other needed tools directly from the silicon-manufacturer. Guiding you through the NDA-process with the manufacturer and support you to make the most recent JCOP-tools and necessary documentation available for you. (Please allow 1 week for execution.)