Omnikey 4040

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Omnikey 4040 is designed to meet all major standards like ISO 7816, EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) 2000, Microsoft WHQL, PC/SC, HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface), the PC-2001 specification and many more. The PCMCIA host interface makes the Omnikey 4040 the preferred solution for the integration into notebooks, PDA’s or other PC-Bus systems. The usage within an application is based on standardized interfaces like PC/SC, CT-API or OCF (Open Card Framework). Native support also allows usage in non-standard environments. Following features make the Omnikey 4040 the perfect answer to the increasing demands of many applications:

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Rapidly increasing numbers in mobile communication result in more and more smart cards being used in the mobile area. Access control, data encryption, network security (wireless LAN) as well as secured financial and governmental transactions (e-banking, e-government) are some central topics in the mobile world. Thanks to their flexibility smart card readers from OMNIKEY are the preferred solution for those applications.


  • Fastest PCMCIA smart card reader on the market with up to 420 Kbps data transmission rate.
  • EMV 2000 Level1 certified mobile reader.
  • PC-card for mobile use in portable computers, notebooks, PDA’s or set-top-boxes via PCMCIA slot.
  • Customized labels are an option.

Technical Specifications

  • Connection:
    • PC-Card Type II (PCMCIA).
  • Card Contacting Unit:
    • 100 000 insertion cycles.
  • Card power supply:
    • 60 mA.
  • Transmission Speed:
    • with PC: 16 Mbps.
    • with Card: up to 420 Kbps.
  • Protocols:
    • T=0, T=1, 2-wire: SLE4432, SLE4442 (S=10), 3-wire: SLE4418, SLE4428 (S=9), I˛C (S=8), SLE 4404.
  • Drivers:
    • PC/SC, CT-API.
  • Operating Systems (other Windows OS subject to testing):
    • Windows 98/ME.
    • Windows NT 4.0.
    • Windows 2000.
    • Winodws XP.
    • Windows CE (iPAQ).
    • Linux.
    • Mac OS X.
  • Certifications:
    • WHQL (Microsoft), EMV 2000, PC/SC.
  • OEM:
    • OEM-Logo possible.