J2E145 JCOP v2.4.2 R3 144 KB (JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic)

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The JCOP J2E145 v2.4.2 R3 java card with implemented JavaCard 3.0.1 and 144KB EEPROM is the top contact edition of JCOP. This product is targeted at the innovation market of e-government, banking and the new business application sector.

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Java Card refers to a smartcard operating system that allows Java-based applets to be run securely on smart cards. The JCOP Java Card implementation on smart cards relies on GlobalPlatform specifications for the secure management of applets on the card (download, installation, personalization, deletion of card applications).

This JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic implementation by NXP is the brand new contact edition of JCOP, extended with a rich 144KB EEPROM.

This product is targeted at the convergence of e-government, banking, and transport applications, reducing cost of development.

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